Behind The Scenes

Behind The Scenes began as a continuation of Public Transport.  When thinking of spaces where people were put together and tension and excitement was high, the professional kitchen was an obvious choice for me.

For this project I was able to spend an entire evening observing a professional student kitchen, from meal prepping through to cleanup. I enjoyed going behind the scenes. I’ve always been intrigued by how things work, how things are put together. That beautiful dish placed in front of you – how was it made, who made it? I love being a fly on the wall.

The setting was a relatively small space, filled with high pressure, uncertainty, expectations, and sharp objects. Even empty, the energy of the main event was tangible. I saw how the students’ stances changed as the pressure built. To succeed, they need to learn to work together. For some this connection comes naturally, while in others it may raise anxieties or confusion. My goal was to capture the different emotions of the students in my works and to show how their confidence increases by using their skills.


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