Public Transport

Public Transport took shape as I began to to think of spaces where strangers gather.  As I feel the subject matter and the space in which it takes place are equally important it was necessary to find a place which provided a balance between the movement of daily life but still showed the emotion of the subjects.

Public transport is mostly underground, in small, enclosed areas, where people are forced to share their personal space with strangers. This can lead to feelings of discomfort, or even panic. Yet for others an unanticipated moment for human connection, to remember that we live in a world with others. Even in an empty train car the traces of those before us are tangible in the form of smells, graffiti, objects forgotten.

In “We Are Not Alone In This World” I imagine the people entering the train in their own private world, with their own private problems and then realising their fellow passenger is also suffering and it is possible to reach out to help each other. I created each of the panels as individuals but display them as a group to lead the viewer to a variety of possible narratives. The outcome changes with each subsequent viewing.


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