Originally this series was called “Where Does It Come From”  It stemmed from the “Behind the Scenes” where a took a step further backwards and explored where our food comes from. Currently there is a trend to know the origins of your food.  Locally grown, organic, is a sign of quality and sustainability. But unless you pick it directly from the fields there is always a human process before it arrives in your home.  Who is behind our food, who picks, cuts, cures, mixes, packages it etc?   While in the process of this series I noticed the passion of people who work with their hands. I decided again to take it a step further and approach crafts(w0)man from other fields as well.  What started with the butcher, green grocer, baker, etc moved on to tattoo artists, cello makers and even a surgeon. I was given permission to observe their work and take photos of their work methods.  Not only did I get pictures and ideas but they were so eager to tell about what they stood for, what their process was that I came back with a real feel for the trade.  These people have gold in their hands.


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